Ghee Rice – How to make ghee rice with step by step illustration
Servings Prep Time
8people 5minutes
Cook Time
Servings Prep Time
8people 5minutes
Cook Time
  1. Wash the rice and allow it to drain on a sieve.
  2. Keep the water for boiling.
  3. Heat ghee (keeping aside 2 tbsp for frying the dry fruits later) and oil in another pan.
  4. Add the whole masalas, that is, cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, bay leaf and pepper balls and saute for a minute.
  5. Next add in half of the sliced onions and fry until they turn golden.
  6. Now add the drained rice and saute.
  7. Keep sauting until the rice turns shiny and crisp. My mother used to say, saute until the rice leaves the laddle easily once you tap it at the edge of the pan. Alternately, you could test one grain. If it breaks easily, that means it is done. Do not overdo, otherwise your rice would be little hard, and not soft.
  8. Once done, simmer.
  9. Add the piping hot water into the pan with the rice. You would get a nice sizzling sound. I love to hear that.
  10. Add in the salt and mix well.
  11. Turn the flame to high and cook covered on high for the first 2-3minutes, with the lid on.
  12. Then turn the flame to medium low and stir in between. Continue to cook with lid on.
  13. Check for salt levels and add more if required.
  14. Check after 4-5 minutes, until all water is evaporated and the rice is perfectly done.
  15. Once done, switch the flame off.
  16. Now heat the remaining 2 tbsp ghee in a pan.
  17. Fry the remaining part of the sliced onions until they turn light brown.
  18. Next add in the washed and drained raisins.
  19. Once they begin to plump up, add in the slit cashew nuts.
  20. Fry until the nuts turn golden brown.
  21. Switch the flame off.
  22. Garnish your ghee rice with the fried onions and dry fruits.
  23. Serve hot with spicy chicken curry or vegetable stew.
Recipe Notes

1. While cooking rice with water add 1 tbsp lemon juice to avoid rice grains from sticking to each other.
2. As the rice brands differ, the cooking time and water required might also differ. If the rice seems to be uncooked with double the amount of water, add in 1/4 to 1/2 cup more of BOILED water.Ghee Rice