Thani Naadan Mutton Mappas or Mutton Pappas

This mutton mappas or mutton pappas is one of the traditional dishes of Kerala. Mappas is a gravy made out of thick and creamy coconut milk. You can make fish mappas, chicken mappas, vegetable mappas or even egg mappas. Mappas goes well with appam (flat bread made of rice), idiyappam (string hoppers), rice and roti….

Kaai Curry – How to make Kaai Curry

Kaai Curry is a very popular dessert in the Malabar region of Kerala. This delicious and creamy dessert is usually prepared during the festive seasons, especially in┬áthe Muslim households. It tastes delicious and what is more appetizing is the divine aroma. You just can’t resist having another bowl of this sweet treat. Ripe plantains or…