Thani Naadan Mutton Mappas or Mutton Pappas

This mutton mappas or mutton pappas is one of the traditional dishes of Kerala. Mappas is a gravy made out of thick and creamy coconut milk. You can make fish mappas, chicken mappas, vegetable mappas or even egg mappas. Mappas goes well with appam (flat bread made of rice), idiyappam (string hoppers), rice and roti….

Chicken Cutlets – Learn how to make flavorful Chicken Cutlets

Chicken cutlets or kebabs are my all time favorite. Whether to eat, or to prepare, they are one of the most loved choice. Crispy on the outside, these cutlets have a juicy and luscious filling. Grab one, and make your tea time chit chats more interesting!! Scrumptious and spicy kebabs to make your tea time warmer and…