How to make Fish Biriyani – with step by step illustration

I love to eat biriyani. What about you? Biriyani served with some raitha, mint chutney and pickle is just divine and a complete meal. Whether chicken, mutton or fish biriyani, all of them are delicious. Even if i have had a heavy lunch of biriyani meal, and still offered a plate again for dinner, I…

Tomato Dhokla

Your imagination runs wild when you have loads of hand plucked, farm fresh tomatoes lying on the counter, staring at you to be picked up. Yes, the other day we got ample fresh red tomatoes from the organic farm. One by one, we were trying out the recipes using tomatoes as the main ingredient. So this dhokla is a tweak into the traditional dhokla recipe by adding in tomatoes, not as puree, but as home-made ketchup. But puree could also be used by adding few ingredients for flavor. Do try out the recipe below to enjoy the khatta meetha bites….