Kashmiri Pulao with Coconut Milk – A tasty treat

Kashmiri Pulao is a very special rice recipe. This traditional dish from Kashmir bursts with flavors and is packed with the goodness of dry fruits and fresh ones too. The original recipe calls for cooking rice in milk. But in this version of mine, the rice is cooked in rich coconut milk and flavored with rose essence. The subtle sweetness…

Fried Mushroom Rice

Mushroom falls under vegetarian chicken category for me.. together with soya, gobi etc. The rich taste of marinated and fried mushrooms are just awesome. I use to make fried rice with normal blanched and stir fried mushrooms. But frying well marinated mushrooms and then preparing the rice, takes it to another level. It turns out to be truly delicious and full of flavor. The more time you give the mushrooms to rest in the marinade, the more juice and flavor it would release when you take a bite. Serve hot.