Wholewheat Galette With Savory Filling

Ovenderful Mom Bakers Community (OMBC) is an FB group comprised of a bunch of moms pledged to bake healthy foods for their families. It is actually not a small bunch now, but rather a set close to around 7500 members, headed by Simran, a true idol for many of us there. So this OMBC is…

Tomato Dhokla

Your imagination runs wild when you have loads of hand plucked, farm fresh tomatoes lying on the counter, staring at you to be picked up. Yes, the other day we got ample fresh red tomatoes from the organic farm. One by one, we were trying out the recipes using tomatoes as the main ingredient. So this dhokla is a tweak into the traditional dhokla recipe by adding in tomatoes, not as puree, but as home-made ketchup. But puree could also be used by adding few ingredients for flavor. Do try out the recipe below to enjoy the khatta meetha bites….

Choco Mango Lava Cake

Molten chocolate lava cake is indeed a visual treat. The sight of rich chocolate cream center that oozes out when you prick the cake with a fork, is interesting and appealing too. Adding a twist by replacing the chocolate center by mango flavored filling was equally delicious, if not more. The chocolate and mango combination is just awesome. Here is how to make this delectable dessert. So the next time you plan to surprise your loved ones, do try these easy and yummy cuppy cakes with rich mangolicious cream center!! 🙂 Enjoy your yummilicious mango lava chocolate cupcakes!!

Chicken Spring Rolls – A Perfect Tea Time Snack

My daughter just loves this crispy snack. I realized this only when my sister once prepared these delicious rolls, when we were at her place. Not to mention, my sister prepares scrumptious and flavorsome dishes like a pro. So, that day my daughter had a very nice treat. Actually she is very choosy when it comes to savory dishes, but this one she would munch on at any time of the day! It might seem a bit lengthy process for a first timer, but once you get the knack of it, it is super easy. The crunchy crust and the…

White Chocolate Brownies

My first try on brownies.. The white chocolate brownies.. not blondies actually, as I’ve used chocolate chunks. Tastes divine, and is made with bajra (pearl millet) and wholewheat flours. This was made specially for my ‘chocolatey’ daughter to begin her holidays on a happy (& healthy) note 🙂 These are totally healthy as I’ve used pearl millet and whole wheat flours. You could try using equal parts of both, or only wheat flour to make the texture less crumbly. I have used brown chocolate curls as topping for more appeal and taste.

Fish Coconut Curry

Kerala is the land of coconuts. It is used every day, as part of almost every meal. Fish curries taste best when made using ground coconut mix. I learnt this tasty recipe from my mother-in-law. My husband and I come from two extreme regions of the state, and hence the tastes and methods of preparation are very different. Fish curry is one among the many dishes that was prepared differently from what I had known earlier. Here is how to make this spicy curry. Another specialty of this lip smacking curry is the use of malabar tamarind or pot tamarind…

Persian Rice Cookies (Naan Berenji)

This gluten free cookie recipe is sure to bring appreciation to you from your friends and family. It is extremely delectable and very easy to prepare. These cookies are super delicate and light in texture that gives an almost melt in the mouth experience. Everyone at home loved them and has already become popular among friends. Do give it a try and experience the authentic taste of this traditional snack of Persia. These dainty white beauties are full of flavor. I have used rose essence. You may try with different flavors too like, cardamom.

Mango Caramel Custard

Caramel custard pudding deserves a place of its own in the world of desserts. Its softness and the taste soothe your mouth as well as tummy. If you are a mango lover, this tweak into the classic creme caramel recipe would make you go madly in love with it. Let us see how to make this interesting sweet. This dessert gives you a totally melt in the mouth experience, with the mango flavor awakening your taste buds. This would be a good try the next mango season, when you have ripe, juicy and fleshy mangoes available in abundance. Topped with…

Chicken Samosa

This is one of my all time favorite snacks. It is quite easy to prepare and super delicious too. Perfect to be had with a cup of hot tea. My mother is an expert in making samosas, and I learnt to make this scrumptious snack from her. It is a very common snack enjoyed throughout the country. But is prepared in different methods and with different flavors. Here is how it is most popularly prepared in the Malabar side of Kerala. The same procedure could be followed for making mutton samosas or vegetable samosas, by replacing chicken with mutton, or…

Chocolate Malpua with Orange Caramel Sauce

Yes, you read it right. This is a tweak into the authentic malpua recipe by adding chocolate flavor. Indulge in this super delicate treat with some refreshing orange flavored caramel sauce. The combination of chocolate and orange is just irresistable. Awaken your taste buds with this luscious dessert drenched in sugar syrup, and finally drizzled all over by rich orangy caramel sauce. Here is how to make this interesting yet easy sweet. You have a sweet tooth or not, this dessert is just irresistible. You definitely would be tempted for the second rounds.. 🙂 Do try this out for the…