Thani Naadan Mutton Mappas or Mutton Pappas

This mutton mappas or mutton pappas is one of the traditional dishes of Kerala. Mappas is a gravy made out of thick and creamy coconut milk. You can make fish mappas, chicken mappas, vegetable mappas or even egg mappas. Mappas goes well with appam (flat bread made of rice), idiyappam (string hoppers), rice and roti….

Orotti or Nice Pathiri – How to make Orotti – Rice Flat Bread

Orotti is one of the (almost) gluten free flat breads of Kerala. We make orotti with roasted rice flour. It is a very simple recipe with minimum number of ingredients. Orotti when made correctly are ideally very light, thin and soft. Orotti tastes best when had together with coconut milk and spicy curries like chicken…

Chicken Cutlets – Learn how to make flavorful Chicken Cutlets

Chicken cutlets or kebabs are my all time favorite. Whether to eat, or to prepare, they are one of the most loved choice. Crispy on the outside, these cutlets have a juicy and luscious filling. Grab one, and make your tea time chit chats more interesting!! Scrumptious and spicy kebabs to make your tea time warmer and…

Chocolate Orange Brownies – How to make Chocolate Orange Brownies

These Chocolate Orange Brownies are as delicious as they look. Luscious bitter chocolate (75% cocoa) chunks are added to make these tasty and healthy brownies.  Yes, they definitely are healthy. These no-sugar, no-butter, no-all purpose flour brownie squares are really meant for a guilt free indulgence. A lot of healthy components are carefully packed inside this bake….

Chocolate Chip Cookie Tins – How to make Chocolate Chip Cookie Tins

Chocolate chip cookie tins sounds interesting, right? Well, it is. Indulge in the luscious, creamy and silky chocolate ganache with some fresh berries. And if you still crave for more, eat up the cookie jar and the lid too!! 🙂 And don’t leave behind the chocolate spoons kept beside, as they are edible too. Presenting…