Healthy & Tasty Oats Payasam

Payasam is an all time favorite at home. The traditional semiya/seviya (vermicelli) payasam is tweaked a bit here by replacing it with oats, a healthier option 🙂 Similar to oats porridge, but made tastier with dry fruits and coconut milk. Please read on to learn how to make this delicious and healthy dessert. Your delicious dessert is ready..!!

Gobi Manchurian

Everybody would have their own recipe for making gobi manchurian. So here is mine. The dry version of gobi manchurian. I love the gravy too, but the majority prefers dry bites. It’s quite easy and interesting to just pick up and gobble those little florets covered in spice and flavors. Who would not like to have some of these with hot hot naan or kulcha. The combination is just yummmm. So the next time you get some fresh cauliflower, instead of making the same old veg korma or curries, do try this easy and delicious dish. Serve hot with roti,…

Brinjal Fry

One of the most delicious recipes using brinjals is here!! Whenever I think brinjal, I think brinjal fry. It is totally tasty that no one could say no to it. If you have kids at home that turn faces on seeing this nutritious vegetable, or you yourself ain’t a big fan of brinjal, then this dish is for you. Ty this out once, and you’ll start liking it. Spice levels could be adjusted. But what I feel is that, the more spicy it is , the tastier it will be. Cut thin brinjal slices to get crispier fries. You can…

Chocolate Oats Cookies

Presenting oats in another interesting form.. as cookies. Not everybody would like to have oats the usual way. So why not disguise it by adding an interesting element..yes, chocolate. So these chocolate oats cookies are a perfect snack with a cup of hot milk or tea. They are sweet, chocolatey and little gooey. Yes, not crunchy and crisp like biscuits, they are soft, chewy and moist. Here is how to make this easy dish. You get bites of raisins too. Overall it is a total treat. You could relish them anytime, and feel happy that you have had something healthy….

Egg Coconut Curry

Coconut just goes well with almost anything, you know..may it be fish, chicken, or eggs… This special recipe using freshly grated coconut with some spices, is perfect to be had with appam, idiyappam or even rice. I’ve picked this recipe from my Aati who prepared it so deliciously that day. Being not so spicy, Tanu also loved the gravy. However, you could always adjust the spice levels. This is a very quick recipe that could be made in minutes, if you have fresh grated coconut. The eggs need no hard boiling, thus saving time. It is a very simple poached…

Masala Oats

This is my first try on savory oats. Usually I prepare the sweet porridge and have made payasam too (will post the recipe soon). I was quite unsure of how it would turn out, but then, decided to give it a try. And.. yes, it was a hit. The crunchy veggies in the soft and soggy oats were interesting. And the thought that we were having something absolutely healthy and nutritious added to the joy 🙂 Oats was accompanied with boiled eggs. All four of us enjoyed and were happy. Do you know what Tanu had to say, “ It…

Part Wholewheat Pista Cake

Today is my Shirazkaaka’s birthday and I wanted to surprise him with a cake.. Actually a cake is not the surprise factor here..but the cake of his favorite flavor, is. Yes, he loves anything and everything in Pista flavor, may it be ice-creams, wafers, cream cones or anything. So this is the first time I am baking a pista cake for the love of my life.. 🙂 Another interesting thing about this cake is it’s crunchy topping. Wow..!! that was the most delicious part – the nutty and crackling layer. The soft and moist cake topped with this sweet and…

Fried Mushroom Rice

Mushroom falls under vegetarian chicken category for me.. together with soya, gobi etc. The rich taste of marinated and fried mushrooms are just awesome. I use to make fried rice with normal blanched and stir fried mushrooms. But frying well marinated mushrooms and then preparing the rice, takes it to another level. It turns out to be truly delicious and full of flavor. The more time you give the mushrooms to rest in the marinade, the more juice and flavor it would release when you take a bite. Serve hot.

Chocolate Modaks

After winning contests back to back, I am in high spirits to keep it moving.. 🙂 So today’s try was chocolate modaks. It is perhaps the best sweet to try out during this festive season. A small twist to the regular modaks, and there you go…a fusion of traditional and modern flavors..!! ‘Fusion’ was the feedback from hubby dear.. 🙂 It is a super simple recipe and quite easy to prepare if you have rice flour at home. The crunchiness of coconut and the sweetness from the chocolate blends well with the soft outer rice cover. Be sure to cool…

Tomato Dhokla

Your imagination runs wild when you have loads of hand plucked, farm fresh tomatoes lying on the counter, staring at you to be picked up. Yes, the other day we got ample fresh red tomatoes from the organic farm. One by one, we were trying out the recipes using tomatoes as the main ingredient. So this dhokla is a tweak into the traditional dhokla recipe by adding in tomatoes, not as puree, but as home-made ketchup. But puree could also be used by adding few ingredients for flavor. Do try out the recipe below to enjoy the khatta meetha bites….