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Almond Milk - How to make Almond milk at home
Aloo Palak - Potatoes in rich spinach gravy
Appam Recipe - How to make appams with crispy edges and soft centres
Applesauce - How to make Applesauce at home
Baby Corn Capsicum Curry
Baked Beetroot Shakkarpara
Baked Chocolate Waffles - How to make chocolate waffles in waffle mould
Baked Raw Banana Flour Churros - Learn how to make Baked Raw Banana Flour Churros
Baked Tomato Chicken - A grill recipe
Banoffee Pie - How to make Banoffee Pie
Banoffee Smoothie
Brinjal Fry
Cajun Spice Mix
Cajun Spiced Potatoes - Barbecue Nation Style
Caramelized Plantain - An easy & tasty snack
Cardamom Panna Cotta with Caramelized Coconut - Learn how to make Cardamom Panna Cotta
Chatti Pathiri - How to make Chatti Pathiri with step by step illustration
Chemmeen Puttu or Steamed Rice Cakes Layered with Prawn Masala - How to make chemmeen puttu
Chicken Cutlets - Learn how to make flavorful Chicken Cutlets
Chicken Samosa
Chicken Spring Rolls
Chicken Wontons in Spicy Red Chilli Sauce
Choco Mango Lava Cake
Chocolate Chip Cookie Tins - How to make Chocolate Chip Cookie Tins
Chocolate Ghee Biscuits without Baking powder/soda
Chocolate Honey Granola
Chocolate Malpua with Orange Caramel Sauce
Chocolate Modaks
Chocolate Oats Cookies
Chocolate Orange Brownies
Coconut Pickle
Cold Prawn Salad
Crispy Fried Beans - Learn how to make Crispy Fried Beans
Dahi Bhalla - How to make Dahi Bhalla (Product Review of Farmz2Familiez Medu Vada Batter)
Delicious Chicken Fondue - An easy recipe
Double Chocolate Quinoa Cupcakes - Learn how to make Double Chocolate Quinoa Cupcakes
Easy And Tasty Coconut Chutney
Easy Chocolate Nut Cake - A Healthy Bake
Easy Vegetable Curry
Egg Coconut Curry
Fish Coconut Curry
Fried Mushroom Rice
Fried Squid - An easy recipe
Ghee Rice - How to make ghee rice with step by step illustration
Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Rice Cookies
Gobi Manchurian
Gulab Jamun 'In and As' Italian Twist Cookies
Healthy Quinoa Patties - Learn how to make Healthy Quinoa Patties
Homemade Bounty Chocolate - Learn how to make Bounty chocolate bars at home
Homemade Wholewheat Beetroot Pasta with Stir fried Veggies - Learn how to make Wholewheat pasta at home
How to make Fish Biriyani - with step by step illustration
How to make Paneer (Cottage Cheese) at home
Kaai Curry - How to make Kaai Curry
Kaai Kumsi or Kaai Pola or Steamed Plantain Cake - Learn how to make Kaai Kumsi (Guest Post for Yummy Food)
Kadala Curry - Learn how to make Kadala Curry the easy way
Kashmiri Pulao with Coconut Milk
Kerala Style Egg Roast - Learn how to make Kerala style Egg Roast
Malabar Style Mutton Biriyani - How to make Malabar Style Mutton Biriyani
Malai Soya
Mambazha Pulissery or Sweet and Sour Ripe Mango Curry - How to make Mambazha Pulissery
Mango Bites
Mango Caramel Custard
Mango Yogurt Frozen Dessert - How to make Mango Yogurt Frozen Dessert
Masala Oats
Meen Pathiri or Fish Dumplings - How to make meen pathiri
Mushroom and Broccoli Soup
Neypathil or Neypathiri - Learn how to make Neypathil or Neypathiri
Nutty Chocolate Marble Loaf Cake
Oats Payasam
Orotti or Nice Pathiri - How to make Orotti - Rice Flat Bread
Palak Paneer Paratha
Paneer Kheema - Minced Paneer in Desi Masala
Parippu Vada - Learn how to make Parippu Vada
Part Wholewheat Pista Cake
Peach Panna Cotta With Prune Compote
Pepper Chicken With Naadan Kozhi (Country Chicken)
Persian Rice Cookies (Naan Berenji)
Pomegranate Cooler - How to make Pomegranate Cooler
Pumpkin Smoothie Bowl and A Giveaway - Learn how to make Pumpkin Smoothie Bowl plus stand a chance to win a free Giveaway
Red Chili Oil - How to make red chili oil at home
Roasted Squid / Koondal varattiyathu - How to make Roasted Squid
Rogan Josh - Learn how to make Rogan Josh
Seviya Kheer Tartlets/ Semiya Payasam Tartlets
Snickers Chocolate Cake
Spicy Prawn Fry
Spicy Prawn Pickle - How to make spicy prawn pickle with step by step illustration
Steamed Kozhi Ada or Steamed Chicken Dumplings - How to make Steamed Chicken Dumplings
Thalori Chemmeen Curry or Ridge gourd Prawn Curry
Thani Naadan Mutton Mappas or Mutton Pappas
Tomato Dhokla
Upside Down Fresh Fruit Cake
Upside Down Peach Lava Cup Cakes
Vanilla Panna Cotta with Cherry Compote - How to make Vanilla Panna Cotta with Cherry Compote
Vegan Surprise Inside Cake
Veggie Delight
White Chocolate Brownies
Wholewheat Galette With Savory Filling

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